Educational Background

Educational Background


BA in TESOL from Brigham Young University Hawaii

The mission of the TESOL program is to educate and prepare individuals who leave the institution knowledgeable in the factors and issues which inform second language education, are capable of teaching English as a Second Language, and have the skills necessary to respect, work with, and live among diverse cultures and populations of learners, while promoting better communication and world peace.

Program learning outcomes for the TESOL degree are:​

1.  Knowledge: Students can articulate a knowledge of human language and how it is learned and taught.
2.  Experience: Students demonstrate that they can apply what they have learned within a teaching situation.
3.  Professional Identity:
a.  Students demonstrate a sense of professionalism through improving personal language proficiency.
b.  Students participate in TESOL professional communities and utilize TESOL resources.
c.  Students display a sense of self-awareness and efficacy by demonstrating an understanding of what strengths and weaknesses they bring to the TESOL professions and how they can capitalize on their strengths and improve upon their weaknesses.