Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Philosophy

        As a learner, I have seen many examples between exceptional teachers and good teachers. My experiences have taught me and have given me a vision of ideal teacher I want to become. The focus of my teaching philosophy is on the teacher’s role. A teacher that creates desires, relationship and a good lesson plan for students, is a teacher that is based on my teaching philosophy.

        Students have different reasons to learn. As a teacher, it is important to know what are students’ reasons in learning. Brown and Lee taught us about extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. Students that have intrinsic motivation to learn is more successful in learning. The extrinsic motivation is learning that is driven by receiving rewards, which is only temporary. Teachers should help and guide students to have the right motivation or desire to learn. Having the right desire will drive students to learn more effectively. A teacher can help students creating a proper desire by having an honest discussion with them. Teachers can observe their personality and their interest to determine what lessons and activities that are appropriate for them. Providing great lessons that is practical to show benefit that is relevant to the students could also create desire in students.

        Moreover, creating relationship is another key to help students creating a desire to learn and participate in class. Children learn and trust their parents because of love that is constantly shown to them. Students will learn and trust the teachers when they know that their teachers care about them. Teachers can create relationship with students by taking interest in them, as Brown and Lee suggested in the classroom management guidelines. By taking interest in students, it helps teacher to be able to provide great lessons that relate to students’ interest. It also benefits teachers to be able to manage well in class. Teachers can also build stronger relationship with students by giving them appropriate feedback on their works, which helps students to be aware of their progress. Students can feel loved and admired, or cared about when teachers take time to think about their progress.

        Lastly, teachers should create clear objectives and goals for students. Learning how to drive, a person need to first learn how to start the engine. Many parts of the car that are used for driving also need to be taught prior to the step of driving. I compared the steps in learning how to drive with teaching language. A teacher should set a clear goal of what students will be able to do by the end of the course, then all the objectives are clear and supporting the goal of the course. By following goals and objectives that teachers create, teachers are teaching students step by step. It will help students to not be too overwhelmed by the materials they are receiving.

        In Conclusion, my teaching philosophy does not focus on what students need to do, but what teachers can do to create the best experience in class for students.