Teaching Speaking Philosophy

Teaching Speaking Philosophy

        An effective speaking teacher is a good listener; a teacher that loves to listen to what the students say. At the same time, a teacher analyzes and processes the information from the student’s speech to determine their strengths and weaknesses. A teacher would remember the information and note it down to be the resource for future lessons. An effective speaking teacher is constantly evaluating her lesson, and assessing their learners to make sure that the students’ understanding is where you expect it to be. A teacher also listens to let the students talk more than she talks. Speaking class is not a class for a teacher to learn how to speak, but for a learner to practice speaking and be given feedback.

        An effective speaking teacher is full of ideas for speaking activities. They can stimulate the activity well to help the learners produce language. Activities that the teachers use are fun and interesting. The activities help the students to want to speak the target language, rather than being scared. A good teacher knows how to monitor the student while participating in activities. They do not laugh at the students when they make a mistake, and they also teach everyone not to make fun of the mistakes people make in speaking English. The teachers teach everyone to encourage and motivate each other.


        Three things I believe that should exist in speaking class are the following.

        In speaking class, first language of the learners should not be forbidden in class. The first language is useful and can benefit the learners in many ways. The students can use them to manage to do the tasks in the target language. It can also be used to clarify their understanding of the materials and anything they learn.

        The formation of the classroom affects the learning of the students a lot. If I teach a fluency class, I would set up the chairs in an Inside-Outside circle formation. It is very effective and many activities can be done in this seating arrangement because it rotates and the students get to interact with everyone. Everyone gets their chance to speak and everyone moves physically so they are constantly engaged in every way.

        Meta-language is useful. Students learn to speak, so they will be able to communicate in real life situations. Meta-language is one of the most useful resources that the students could get from class. It is the time for them to practice real-life listening. They can hear the things they have learned get put into context. The teachers should not avoid meta-language.